The 4 Pillars of Excellence

The Training Institute

The Training Institute-Southwest Behavioral & Health is a professional association of Southwest Behavioral & Health Services that values comprehensive, innovative, and effective training and service delivery. As a pillar of academic and training excellence, we provide healthcare professionals, students, and trainees with integrative, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and strengths-based programming to further their knowledge and abilities. This has been made possible through partnerships with Arizona State University, Midwestern University, Northern Arizona University, Ottawa University, the Erickson Foundation, as well as many other community-based agencies and individuals.

Dr. William Marsh

Dr. Marsh is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director with Quality Management, overseeing Specialized Training and Population Health Management at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services (SB&H). He also serves as a clinical supervisor for SB&H’s APA-accredited doctoral internship training program and an adjunct professor at Midwestern University and Northern Arizona University.

Quality Management Learning & Development

Quality Management, Learning and Development (QM L&D) is a team of dedicated and qualified specialists who believe that employees are an organization’s greatest assets; therefore, investing in their training and development is key to sustaining the growth and success of an organization. This commitment makes sense when we consider the lengthy processes carried out to recruit and hire qualified staff. Oftentimes, though, the emphasis on caring about the professional development of employees ends after they are hired. QM L&D understands that learning is crucial for growth and that it is an ongoing process. We believe that providing training opportunities to employees for personal and professional development helps build a learning culture that benefits the entire organization.

Sandra Solano

Sandra transferred to her current position as the QM L&D Manager in 2020. Sandra and her team of QM L&D Specialists have multiple years of experience in the behavioral health field which in combination with their diverse backgrounds in education, communication and customer service, has helped the team successfully assist the development of our workforce, improve the culture and motivate employees to perform according to the ideals and values of SB&H.

College of Wellness
The College of Wellness is an innovative approach in providing mental wellness education to Direct Service Providers and enrolled members to promote well-being. The college coursework is grounded in Positive Psychology concepts and strategies. Attendees can earn three levels of certification based on attending the 100 level, 200 level, and 300 level courses with an annual renewal option. The College of Wellness honors cultural diversity and promotes community with diverse populations.

Abra Arlinsky

Abra Arlinsky has a Masters in Counseling and is licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and CRP (Certified Resilience Professional) with a Specialization in Positive Psychology. Abra Arlinsky is a Clinical Director at Southwest and Behavioral Health Services and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Her relevant work experience includes 23 years of behavioral health practice as a therapist, clinical supervisor and Clinical Director. Abra Has been an adjunct instructor of graduate studies in counseling for 19 years.

Doctoral Psychology Training Program

Residency is the year that bridges the space between being a psychology intern and being a professional psychologist. As such, the program is designed to meet the increasing skill level of the resident, approaching training and supervision from a developmental model. The program is sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity. The residency program consists of 2000 hours over 12 months and encompasses training, group and individual supervision, and didactic experiences designed to meet the American Psychological Association (APA) Standards of Accreditation (SoA), and Arizona licensure requirements. Please note that the post-doctoral residency is NOT accredited by the APA at this time. Licensure requirements vary from state-to-state, so prospective residents are encouraged to be knowledgeable regarding the requirements of other states. Current program tracks include the Recovery College/Community Living Program, Opioid Replacement Services Clinic, Outpatient Clinic-Maricopa County, School and Community Based Counseling Services, and Southwest Autism Center of Excellence (SACE).

Dr. Lynette Livesay

Dr. Lynette Livesay is the SB&H Chief Psychologist and oversees the doctoral psychology training program. She earned her Doctor of Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and completed her doctoral internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, California. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Phoenix.